Sports -jake shlofrock → Is it me, or does an NFL quarterback have certain responsibilities?

The Shlaef Says…  To be a leader, a field general, a calming presence in the huddle is essential to any National Football League QB’s success.  I grew up worshipping the likes of Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and Drew Brees.  These are gentlemen who preach more than just football and gamesmanship on the field.  They have… Continue Reading

Sports! Ace this golfers! Pucker up hockey buzz! Shoot a basket here, basket-ball jones! One, two three, HUT!

Let’s ralley! A sports column… I’ve observed Mr. Shlofrock, evolve through the years into a passionate young man. With the wind at his back and the ground under his feet, Jake Shlofrock, aka his pen, “The Shlaef Says,” embellishes the passion he dons for sports, and the players who make it special. Shlofrock’s confidence is… Continue Reading

Thankful Thursday and Magdalena’s European Med Spa!

It’s Thankful Thursday! It wasn’t a coincidence when I ran into Magdalena at Moishe & Isaac’s grocery store grabbing our green drinks two years ago. Prior to that, we were working out, pumping iron in Marney’s class at Bannockburn. We just smiled and competed for the best spot in the class, (Magdalena only front and… Continue Reading

“Growing apart doesn’t change the fact that for a long time we grew side by side; our roots will always be tangled. I’m glad for that.” – Ally Condietry

    To the strands that connect us all… Many moons ago, I had the privilege of taking a teacher training class with Sharon Gannon and David Life. To begin, Sharon addressed the class and invited us to bow our heads in reverence to the Gurus we seldom acknowledge nor think to honor. She continued,… Continue Reading

Fresh for Spring!

It’d be a good time to snap off those dry tired ends and change it up a bit to something fresh for spring! You have nothing to lose…. xo jac ☞ Continue Reading

Spring is in the Hair!

We’re not attached to the antiquated “rules” about hair and the age factor. Anyone can wear a style that’s conducive to their hair quality; density or texture. Gray hair, (we call it sparkles at Chez J•) Can be shaped in the coolest, edgiest look for spring! It’s about attitude, a little grit, and a couple… Continue Reading

“Anti Prom?”NOT…

Upon flicking through the NYT magazine, I plucked this from the Fashion & Style section. “Anti Prom?” I am not. Personally, I love it umm, minus the enslaved choker that is. While they’re not ball gowns, these are pieces that can certainly be “recycled” in your wardrobe. Some of the pieces may be regarded as… Continue Reading

fall into fall….

If I have to pick a favorite time of year, THIS would be it.  The light seems brighter. The glow of the sun through the brilliant colors of fall makes us want to hold on a little longer to the season past.  The air is crisp and beckoning warm cozy things and comfort foods. We… Continue Reading