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    During my yoga class yesterday, our teacher said something that pulled on my heartstrings and resonated to my core. This is no ordinary yoga, hot nor otherwise. It’s Bikram, hot as shit, at 105°, 26 of the same exact poses, every time, no music and no conversing with your neighbor, no water until… Continue Reading

Don’t hide behind your hair…

  Your hair may be one of your most valuable accessories provided you’re ready. When they’re willing to embrace a change, clients trust me and consistently reflect on the words, “it will grow, it’s just hair.” I couldn’t disagree more. It’s not just hair. The perfect cut can give you the freedom to confidently don… Continue Reading

Spring Cleaning…

    Every year I conquer the beast in several ways. One sure way to get motivated for change is by cleaning from the inside out first.  There’s no better support in getting fired up for a challenge, than to influence your people to join you in your quest for a restorative life stye. You’re apt to… Continue Reading

Thankful Thursday and Magdalena’s European Med Spa!

It’s Thankful Thursday! It wasn’t a coincidence when I ran into Magdalena at Moishe & Isaac’s grocery store grabbing our green drinks two years ago. Prior to that, we were working out, pumping iron in Marney’s class at Bannockburn. We just smiled and competed for the best spot in the class, (Magdalena only front and… Continue Reading

“Growing apart doesn’t change the fact that for a long time we grew side by side; our roots will always be tangled. I’m glad for that.” – Ally Condietry

    To the strands that connect us all… Many moons ago, I had the privilege of taking a teacher training class with Sharon Gannon and David Life. To begin, Sharon addressed the class and invited us to bow our heads in reverence to the Gurus we seldom acknowledge nor think to honor. She continued,… Continue Reading

it’s about safe sex

I’ve designated my website for an age group of thirteen and up. While some of my viewers (ie;parents) may not agree with this, I’m happy to share something my mother shared with me only recently. Even if I were a young teenager now, I’m quite certain my mother would show me this risque vs. funny,… Continue Reading

a ride you are not soon to forget

  “Dont’t think about the outside, do it for the inside! Do it for your heart!” Jen shouts over the best blasting tunes of her spin class. I’ve been going to these spin classes for at least seven years now and I don’t have “the seven year itch!”  Jen Solberg and Tory Raith have taken the spinning… Continue Reading