the way i cut

This is what sets me apart. Its the way I cut. Always on dry hair, never on wet. When the hair is weighed down with water, I can’t see the texture, its density, or how it moves. So I blow dry first and then use my scissors. Andyou watch as the style takes shape. With my expertise and your collaboration there are no surprises. No bangs that look like a throwback to fifth grade. No two inch trims when it was just the ends you wanted off. We talk about what works for you. How you want to look. We create a style you can manage and feel good about when you haven’t been to the salon. And those bangs that drive you crazy between cuts…Don’t do them yourself. Let me trim them. For free. Great hair sets the tone for your entire image.

 the look

I collect my favorite hair images and maintain them on my pinterest files. I can access any fabulous” look” at the flick of a switch on my lap-top or iPad during your consultation. This helps to facilitate a clear understanding of IMG_3499not only my vision for my client, but visually communicates your desire for a change and exactly what the limits (if any) of that change is; in terms of length, bangs, color, etc. This is an ideal mechanism to help communicate “the look” we both, (my client, and I) are contemplating. I feel, for a client, trying to describe what she/he finds appealing is like trying to describe a color. Impossible. It’s visual. Technical. Textural. Cannot be described in words. There are many aspects to be considered when we decide on “the look”. I say “we” because, a haircut is a collaboration between me and my client. I can read a client. I know when she’s ready for that drastic change. Sometimes, she thinks she’s ready when I know she’s not. I have a gentle way of negotiating something not so drastic until the next new season. There are ways to implement a dramatic change without cutting length. Bangs are a fabulous IMPACT, when you want to affect something different about your look, without giving up much! The level of professionalism is exemplified in my ability to comprehend what it is my client is asking for. There are endless variables in contemplating, what is suitable for an individual? What is her/his hair type? Density? Length? Body shape? Height? Profession? The AGE factor? That’s one for an entire topic of it’s own. And it’s all good!

more than a haircut

It”s an experience that consists of a few therapeutic entities. So I’ve been told.zen

a. YOGA, because of a couple beneficial stretches that I contort you into; for for instance: Uttanasana, or forward fold to wake up your hamstrings and soothe your mind. It’s really not yoga though, having you flip upside down is a technique I utilize to check my work to perfection. And besides, it feels good!

b. I have a positive outlook on life. I feel influential in a way. I feel that I can help to encourage a brighter perspective sometimes. I don’t gossip, it’s against my religion. Besides, there are too many other viable and meaningful topics to discuss!

c. I feel reciprocal in my relationship with my clients. I believe we both bring a lot to the table. Including our life’s experience.