fall into fall….

If I have to pick a favorite time of year, THIS would be it.  The light seems brighter. The glow of the sun through the brilliant colors of fall makes us want to hold on a little longer to the season past.  The air is crisp and beckoning warm cozy things and comfort foods. WeContinue Reading

you can have it all for fall

I know you’re probably not ready for this, but its everywhere…seeping into the crevices of our of our closets from our storage bins, and undeniably in the boutiques we frequent and in the magazines we scour for WHAT’S HAPPEN’N!!? And this past weekend, I noticed that the light has changed, the air smells different.  ForContinue Reading

“things we LOVE”

Raindrops on Roses and whiskers on kittens? Absolutely! Yes, and yes! This is in her language, a high arch, (high five!) to one of my all time favorite women. She’s truly an original. She’s a fashion inspiration to me and many others. She’ll inspire you to want to discover a new look by sharing her,Continue Reading

class of 2013 CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

This piece grabs me around graduation season each year. However, this year, it’s slapping me around silly. My son, Cody has just graduated from college. My youngest daughter Skyler (the caboose of 4 children) is just about to graduate from high school. Though I am happy and so very proud of all of them, IContinue Reading

J・stranD for hair, body & soul is…

A delightful piece shot & chopped by the beautiful and talented Olivia Geyelin. Can’t wait for the next “movielet!” Coming soon to a youtube at your fingertips! ☞ www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_To8xBefag xo jac Also follow Olivia at indirapproductions.com

happy March 8… International WOMEN’S Day!

Every day is Women’s day! But Friday, March 8th is an extra special celebration of YOU. Therefore, every 8th “like”on our Facebook page gets a complementary blo•out at the J•stranD blo•bar. We would like to shower you with blo•outs, no limit of how many we can give away! Offer is valid for the entire MarchContinue Reading

happy summer

Flowers, Sun, Warmth, No Bulky Cumbersome Clothes, Fireflies, Grilling, Outside, Soft Gentle Rain… Humidity! Frizzy! NO WORRIES! I can tame that! Ask me how! 847・432・4111

it’s about safe sex

I’ve designated my website for an age group of thirteen and up. While some of my viewers (ie;parents) may not agree with this, I’m happy to share something my mother shared with me only recently. Even if I were a young teenager now, I’m quite certain my mother would show me this risque vs. funny,Continue Reading

street chique

Mr. Newton brilliantly captures the essence of “street chic.”  He’s an inspiration to me with his photography.  He inspires me to want to get out there and grab some images my self! The styles and especially the “coiffures” are believable. They are not neccessarily directly from the salon, freshly primped per sé. The hair isContinue Reading

a ride you are not soon to forget

“Dont’t think about the outside, do it for the inside! Do it for your heart!” Jen shouts over the best blasting tunes of her spin class. I’ve been going to these spin classes for at least seven years now and I don’t have “the seven year itch!”  Jen Solberg and Tory Raith have taken the spinning crazeContinue Reading