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Sports! Ace this golfers! Pucker up hockey buzz! Shoot a basket here, basket-ball jones! One, two three, HUT!

Let’s ralley! A sports column… I’ve observed Mr. Shlofrock, evolve through the years into a passionate young man. With the wind at his back and the ground under his feet, Jake Shlofrock, aka his pen, “The Shlaef Says,” embellishes the passion he dons for sports, and the players who make it special. Shlofrock’s confidence is… Continue Reading


    Thejstrand is dedicated to the vision of my children: Olivia, Cody, Jonah and Skyler! ..through a brilliant prism of light that Steve Jobs has been shining notably since he was 20 years old. With out the vision and creative mind of Steve Jobs, our creative endeavors certainly would not be the same. Through his… Continue Reading