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  hair… What were you thinking? Nice pampering session with your favorite esthetician? Something nasty, not so nasty? Nope. I’m obsessed with mens’ grooming,  Chicago’s behind a bit but you’ll notice, barber shops are quickly becoming infused with the beauty-industry. I remember when the big annual National Beauty Show was only for cosmetologists. I don’t even think barbers… Continue Reading

Don’t hide behind your hair…

  Your hair may be one of your most valuable accessories provided you’re ready. When they’re willing to embrace a change, clients trust me and consistently reflect on the words, “it will grow, it’s just hair.” I couldn’t disagree more. It’s not just hair. The perfect cut can give you the freedom to confidently don… Continue Reading

Fresh for Spring!

It’d be a good time to snap off those dry tired ends and change it up a bit to something fresh for spring! You have nothing to lose…. xo jac ☞ Continue Reading

Spring is in the Hair!

We’re not attached to the antiquated “rules” about hair and the age factor. Anyone can wear a style that’s conducive to their hair quality; density or texture. Gray hair, (we call it sparkles at Chez J•) Can be shaped in the coolest, edgiest look for spring! It’s about attitude, a little grit, and a couple… Continue Reading

I have a Zen approach…

Trying to describe how you want your hair is somewhat like trying to describe a color. Virtually impossible. I feel very strongly about conversing in a visual language when it comes to describing the vision you have, for the look you’d like to acheive. I often wonder why a client feels intimidated at times, to show… Continue Reading

Samson and Delilah

Dating as far back as the bible one can find evidence or references to the importance of a well coiffed woman and man. According to one of the original stories about Samson and Delilah, in the bible, it has been told though stories of folklore, that Samson lost his strength and power when Delilah rendered him intoxicated and then cut off ALL… Continue Reading