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The Strands that Connect Us…

At Chez J• I shape and blo and converse all day long. I’ve learned, we are all connected. We share interests, aspirations, experiences. My online magazine is a site to meet; a place where all the strands connect, a find, where you can link with people and beautiful things that have enriched my llie as well as the lives of my family, friends and clients.

Looking for a new look? A good read? A fabulous restaurant? A new connection for yoga? A fabulous physician? Drying a tear? A good laugh? A bit of inspiration? Welcome to thejstrand.

I try to keep it positive yet, I also keep it real and I certainly welcome feedback as well as “shares” and inspiration from you. After all, thejstrand is only as good as the strands that bind us and good things come together when we stay connected.

New Beginnings

IMG_3452 thejstrand, “blog,” was launched before my salon, J•strand for hair, body & soul.  Before we opened the J•strand in 2012, I was working with my former business partner, in another salon. During that time, I’d launched thejstrand. I’d spent my spare time in the middle of the night, writing, designing and posting. We thought it’d make a catchy name for a salon, which it did!

Despite the fact that I loved and respected my former co-workers, the time had come for me to spread my wings.  Having enjoyed a long and successful career in the beauty industry, I’d felt the need to expand my horizons and cultivate something of my own.  And so, inspired by the “virtual” jstrand, I  turned my dream to reality and opened the J•strand.

Initially, we had to built the perfect team. Seemingly, we were bound by similar “life goals” regarding family traditions and work ethics. Our team respected each other’s work. We shared the same tenacity about achieving excellence in professionalism and creating “that perfect look” ” for our clients. We shared aesthetic aspirations and the ultimate goal of having a special place for our family, friends and clients to look forward to-to offer an experience instead of the chore of a hair-cut or a rushed in and out service.

We were open for three “rock’n” years together. For me it was a blast. Yet, it turned into a roller coaster ride as well as a tumultuous time of learning and growth, which unfortunately culminated in the closing of my beloved J•strand.

Most of the stories here during the J•strand days have remained untouched. I’ve omitted and revised some of the pieces, simply because they were awkward and the pieces of the puzzle were lost or no longer fit.

I am humbled by the lessons learned and by my triumphs each day. I am grateful for the friends I’ve met along the way, and the relationships that have grown stronger because of J•strand.

I’ve discovered that what may seem like the end of the world for a fleeting moment… are simply new beginnings.

 xo jac