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BRUCE! You’re a “cool rock’n daddy in the USA”

BRUCE! You’re a “cool rock’n daddy in the USA”

    So proud of you and your band for taking a stand, on this. WTF is the matter with people? Practice your own religion, your own desires and your own love’n. And when a girl’s gotta go, a girls. got to go!!!? Now they”re going to designate special bathrooms to straights and restrictions to Transgender’s? How do… Continue Reading

Spring Cleaning…

    Every year I conquer the beast in several ways. One sure way to get motivated for change is by cleaning from the inside out first.  There’s no better support in getting fired up for a challenge, than to influence your people to join you in your quest for a restorative life stye. You’re apt to… Continue Reading

Stella & Raj Are the Exception

Not all of those with tails are so fortunate. Did you happen to catch the piece on ABC news the other night? ☞ The story tells an excruciating “tail” about some Chicago pounds, mismanagement and random euthanasias being implemented on lost dogs that could have possibly been a potential pet to a loving family. It’s a heartbreaking… Continue Reading

what’s your fantasy?

Recently, I’ve taken a mini-vaca from most of social media, aside from being a bit of a voyer; just looking. After having shared a disturbing video on FB, my son instantaneously texted me, advising me to “keep it light.” That sent me into a tail-spin and though I didn’t think that piece warranted a veto,… Continue Reading

Sports -jake shlofrock → Is it me, or does an NFL quarterback have certain responsibilities?

The Shlaef Says…  To be a leader, a field general, a calming presence in the huddle is essential to any National Football League QB’s success.  I grew up worshipping the likes of Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and Drew Brees.  These are gentlemen who preach more than just football and gamesmanship on the field.  They have… Continue Reading

Sports! Ace this golfers! Pucker up hockey buzz! Shoot a basket here, basket-ball jones! One, two three, HUT!

Let’s ralley! A sports column… I’ve observed Mr. Shlofrock, evolve through the years into a passionate young man. With the wind at his back and the ground under his feet, Jake Shlofrock, aka his pen, “The Shlaef Says,” embellishes the passion he dons for sports, and the players who make it special. Shlofrock’s confidence is… Continue Reading