Thankful Thursday and Magdalena’s European Med Spa!

It’s Thankful Thursday!

imageIt wasn’t a coincidence when I ran into Magdalena at Moishe & Isaac’s grocery store grabbing our green drinks two years ago. Prior to that, we were working out, pumping iron in Marney’s class at Bannockburn. We just smiled and competed for the best spot in the class, (Magdalena only front and center,) and we rarely had time to catch our breath, much less a conversation. We actually were surprised to see each other in Highwood, inquiring, “what are you doing here?” When she said casually, “I’m actually looking for a little space, I’m an esthetician and I’m busting out of where I am now..” I was flabbergasted! “I just happen to have something I’d like to show you,” I said. The rest is history.

Simultaneously, including Diane Davos, we were three women on a mission. We were rolling up our sleeves, getting ready for a landing; together we’ve managed to bring something special and unique to the North Shore at J•stranD for hair, body & soul.

Magdalena comes to us with a tenacious background and experience as an esthetician. She’s had extensive training & working with the crem de la crem in the city as well as her experience working closely with a plastic surgeon. Fortunately, she’s currently partnered with a surgeon, which renders Magdalena the privilege of offering you the most optimum products available. Her latest introduction, the skin pen, the hottest trending treatment on the market.

I am thankful for Magdalena and all that she has to offer our clients at the J•stranD. Not only are we grateful for the plethora of skin care & Med-spa specialties, but her delivery. Magdalena is a consummate professional. She loves what she does, always researching the newest, most current, state of the art techniques and products. She brings it to you with an optimism and knowledge, unparalleled on the North Shore. And she does a bad ass brow shaping if I don’t say so myself!

I invite you to click☞ jstrand and look for the menu, familiarize yourself with Magdalena European Med Spa and all she has to offer…

You deserve it.

xo jac