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    During my yoga class yesterday, our teacher said something that pulled on my heartstrings and resonated to my core. This is no ordinary yoga, hot nor otherwise. It’s Bikram, hot as shit, at 105°, 26 of the same exact poses, every time, no music and no conversing with your neighbor, no water until… Continue Reading


  hair… What were you thinking? Nice pampering session with your favorite esthetician? Something nasty, not so nasty? Nope. I’m obsessed with mens’ grooming,  Chicago’s behind a bit but you’ll notice, barber shops are quickly becoming infused with the beauty-industry. I remember when the big annual National Beauty Show was only for cosmetologists. I don’t even think barbers… Continue Reading

Spring Cleaning…

    Every year I conquer the beast in several ways. One sure way to get motivated for change is by cleaning from the inside out first.  There’s no better support in getting fired up for a challenge, than to influence your people to join you in your quest for a restorative life stye. You’re apt to… Continue Reading

Thankful Thursday and Magdalena’s European Med Spa!

It’s Thankful Thursday! It wasn’t a coincidence when I ran into Magdalena at Moishe & Isaac’s grocery store grabbing our green drinks two years ago. Prior to that, we were working out, pumping iron in Marney’s class at Bannockburn. We just smiled and competed for the best spot in the class, (Magdalena only front and… Continue Reading