Sports! Ace this golfers! Pucker up hockey buzz! Shoot a basket here, basket-ball jones! One, two three, HUT!

225650_2495503623890_1517385841_nLet’s ralley! A sports column…

I’ve observed Mr. Shlofrock, evolve through the years into a passionate young man. With the wind at his back and the ground under his feet, Jake Shlofrock, aka his pen, “The Shlaef Says,” embellishes the passion he dons for sports, and the players who make it special.

Shlofrock’s confidence is currently giving way to an intriguing twist in sports “sharing.” Together with his astute wit / humor and clever, personable style of writing, shines his ability to put the “long hand” into a short, concise, meaningful package. The final play isn’t always about sports either. It sometimes is about life.

Shlofrock’s indubitable love and respect for family and the bonds that he shares with life long friends, exemplify the values he’s learned along the path of a sometimes “rocky” (pun intended,) journey. This further instills Shlofrock’s ability to bring his pieces to a meaningful playing field. Furthermore, do you think you’re not interested in sports? For a new perspective on the subject, or just for sport... I encourage you the check out this new corner of Jac’s Magazine, The Shlaef Says…

I’m excited to introduce a sport’s column with Jake Shlofrock at the helm!

xo jac