Remembering Beverly Stein August 15,1941- March 10,2018

Remembering Beverly
Strands of the day…
She was a family woman. And that’s how she treated me. We had the best debates on how she wanted bangs, (I didn’t,) what time she would come in for her bi-weekly visits. She knew she always had the “hall pass” when it came to- “how many times does this lady have to change her appointment in one day?” The receptionist always knew to pave the way for Beverly. We loved her. When she arrived, it was always worth a little agro. Her outfits were meticulously put together and special. She would sometimes ask me if it was “okay to wear this?” I loved the way she cared about her self preservation. Of course, as her stylist, I didn’t have the “inside scoop.” And didn’t want it. Many things are better left unsaid. I loved this Beverly. When I first opened J•strand, she brought us home made cakes & cookies for the coffee bar. She contemplated making a business out of bringing goodies for our clients & friends.She was a Jewish Momela through & through, never came empty-handed. She knew my children’s names and always inquired, “how’re they all doing?” 
There’s much to be said about, “listen to you elders.” She had wonderful advice. I know it came from experiences; perhaps,not all good. I’m honing some of my own these days. It comes with age, a softer heart, growing love,an understanding. An accepting. Especially when it comes to family and friends. It’s a practice.
I love you Beverly. I miss our special friendship. We always had a good laugh. And some tears. 
Much Love, xo jac