BRUCE! You’re a “cool rock’n daddy in the USA”

BRUCE! You’re a “cool rock’n daddy in the USA”



ttl-header-bruce-springsteen-01So proud of you and your band for taking a stand, on this.

WTF is the matter with people?

Practice your own religion, your own desires and your own love’n. And when a girl’s gotta go, a girls. got to go!!!? Now they”re going to designate special bathrooms to straights and restrictions to Transgender’s?

How do they plan on enforcing this? Checking out peoples packages? Checking identification?  Guys, you’re going to feel a little awkward peeing in a urinal when a woman walks in. You probably don’t even get it.

Lol. Not funny.

xo jac

➼I love Bruce Springsteen…. show cancelled in North Carolina