what’s your fantasy?

IMG_2088Recently, I’ve taken a mini-vaca from most of social media, aside from being a bit of a voyer; just looking. After having shared a disturbing video on FB, my son instantaneously texted me, advising me to “keep it light.” That sent me into a tail-spin and though I didn’t think that piece warranted a veto, I was already at the brink of my limitations. After being consumed with NPR every moment in my car, snarfing up any morsel of information in and around social media regarding the state of the world, and feeling virtually water logged from all the well meaning “ice bucket challengers,” I had to take a hiatus. I want to stay informed but I was struggling with observing a tragedy in one post, and an image of what someone cooked for dinner that night on the next. I’m equally guilty, no judgement here as I’m doing the same thing.

In the midst of my hiatus, I’ve discovered a new brew hovering and waiting to foam over. It’s a new discovery, (for me!) and I recommend we all check-out for mini-vaca and indulge this fantasy. As it turns out, husbands are doing it with their wives, co-workers are getting in on the action at work, and evidently they’ve even conjured up a show about it! Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Oh! Get your head out of the gutter! The show is, The League on FX.

It’s all about F A N T A S Y  F O O T B A L L! And it happens to be one of “The Shlaef’s favorite seasons!

Stay tuned…

xo jac