Don’t hide behind your hair…


IMG_0754Your hair may be one of your most valuable accessories provided you’re


When they’re willing to embrace a change, clients trust me and consistently reflect on the words, “it will grow, it’s just hair.” I couldn’t disagree more. It’s not just hair. The perfect cut can give you the freedom to confidently don a t-shirt & jeans, a business suit or an elegant evening gown.


For spring 2016 I recommend retaining a heavier, cleaner line either above the moons, (boobs,) at clavicle, or chin length, unless you’re going boy short. I love it all, especially a choppy bob. If you’re looking for a big

IMG_0772change and don’t want to loose length, cut bangs or add some textured layers for a  flexible side swept bang.

Don’t be afraid of color. Color can easily be whipped to suit you, even better than “aux naturel.”  Color is essential for accentuating layers. If your color is solid, with-out contrast, then it’s difficult to see the fabulous layers I’ve just carved in.

You can blend grey with low-lights softening and adding contrast with your original pre-gray tones instead of covering completely, making everything more manageable. Break up your solid blonde for a more real-life blonde with highlights & lowlights. Dazzle your red with some gold! We have plant based color with out all the chemistry for color that is gentle and wears off. We have chemistry and expert mixologists who can do it all. Lean in to your hair-care expert.

It’s been a long winter, you need a new look, deep conditioning, a glaze, a keratin treatment, some LoVe.

Whatever you do, make it happen. Change it up. If you’re wearing your hair in a pony every day, it’s hats off time!

xo jac