What were you thinking? Nice pampering session with your favorite esthetician? Something nasty, not so nasty? Nope.

tumblr_nt8xfzprZT1tvk4g1o1_540I’m obsessed with mens’ grooming,  Chicago’s behind a bit but you’ll notice, barber shops are quickly becoming infused with the beauty-industry. I remember when the big annual National Beauty Show was only for cosmetologists. I don’t even think barbers were allowed in back in the day. Today at the show, it’s a loud, awesome beat, the minute you arrive that you’re drawn to. The music is jam’n and the guys on the platform are immaculately groomed, pierced, tatted, and carving master pieces and shaving with straight razors. It’s an art. A carving sculpted out of hair. It’s about how the beard accentuates a man’s facial features and is faded into his hairline. It’s not as if he stops shaving all together. It’s very carefully planned and skillfully manifested.

Even if there’s scarcity in a beard, (holes) there’re colored fibers that may be implemented and combed in as fillers. There are fabulous products for a more shiny or matt finish, per his preference. Endless possibilities. If you visit any apothecary in the city today,  you’ll find an entire mens section devoted to men’s shaving kits, razors, shaving creams, brushes, combs, talc, colognes et al.

Of course, Barbershops are not new. Barbers have been around for years. Specifically, since the 1880’s though the 1940’s when Barbershops enjoyed their “golden years.” Barbershops were a safe haven where men socialized in the all male hangouts. They visited weekly, sometimes daily for their shave & a haircut, but also to fraternize with their buddies.

The barbershop is back,

xo jac

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