Monthly Archives: September 2011

Blonde on Blonde = Blonde Bling

  Keep it bright for fall. We’re pulling out all of our mutted colors and cozy sweaters. Who says its time to go dark? Not me. Why not retain the sparkle you’ve gained from the joys of summer? I say,let your light shine through! Colour and cut: Yulia and Jac

Laugh of the Day

Put this on in the kitchen when you’re making dinner tonight! Xo Jac

Sneaky Anti-Aging Hair Tricks

Health, Beauty, Fashion, Love, Careers and more – MORE Magazine  

New Hair Ideas for 2011:

Someone must have dug this up from the archives, and it wasn’t me! Fortunately I came across it just now! The ponytail is still hot for fall and so is the side LOOSE braid.  If you’re thinking, “my hair is too fine for a braid!” Try this one.. 1. Flip your head upside down 2. bustContinue Reading